Fundamental Blasters is created to achieve following goals:

(i) To identify stocks that have potential to give good return in future (through research, channel check, studying companies and by keeping my ears to the ground)

(ii) To help stock market investors by passing on information that they can use for further research.

We believe India is a great growth Story; good days are here to come for Indian Economy as a series of big bang reforms have taken place in recent past and we believe it will bring fruits for the economy in the future.



We believe a Tsunami of Domestic Money will get into the market mainly through Mutual Funds and this can be game Changer of Indian Equity Markets.

Our Founder focuses on companies with solid fundamentals which are ignored by the market and hence trade at lower valuations. He sincerely believes that the best way to create wealth in the stock market is to grab such stocks before they get expensive & popular. The margin of Safety, Protection from downside, Preservation of capital is of foremost important thing for him and he follows it meticulously.

Founder & Director
Fundamental Blasters